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*** NOTICE ***

Video Chat is working again! Have fun with eachother lads! Thank you, Hendrik Administrator.


Hey Lads,

It is great to see new lads signing up every day!

We are working hard to get the FORUM working better. We have added "Hook Up Now" in the forum. You can leave a message to get to meet other guys.

If you want we can always add your area too!

We have great other new features; you can upload a welcome message video ; it will replace your thumbnail. You can add a link in your profile. Leave comments for photos. Log on with your nickname OR your email address. Go to your account and look at what you can add to your profile to make yourself more successful.

I am still adding more features to my site and I am improving it every day. This site is growing fast, but I can always use more members.

So: If you like my site; please let everyone you know, know about us. The more people online; the more fun you can have! The link to invite people to the site is at the bottom of this page.

If you run into any problems, or have ideas to improve the site, please send a message to the user "fetishlad".
OR send an email to: action@fetishlad.com

Have fun!

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latest news
19 July, 2011

Hi Guys,

There is a problem if you use UPPERCASE JPEG to upload a picture, please make sure you use lowercase jpeg (jpg), gif or bmp.


I will work on this problem to solve it soon.


Thanks Hendrik

1 February, 2010

I have now completed work on my "places" feature and soon I will start making a list with bars, saunas, parties, cottages, cruising areas, shops and more for you.

5 November, 2009

You can now leave horny comments for profile photos. (more...)

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